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We believe its all about seasoning. It does not matter which method you use to cook your food. Whether you boil, broil or bake, deep fry, stir fry, steam or grill, it will taste awesome if you season it right.

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MommyDoro spices are rich in Omega-3 oils and some have medicinal aspects like the African tree basil (masepo) (ocimum gratissimum) commonly used across West, Central and East Africa for various curative purposes, for example constipation.

The seasoning blends that I have put together, contain typical African herbs and spices as well as regular culinary herbs like parsley, cilantro, garlic, ginger, cloves, bay leaves, and herbs de provences. All the specialty items come from Cameroon even though some of them are also found in other African countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Liberia.

Some typical African herbs and spices used in these blends are njangsa (ricinodendron heudoletu), commonly known as akpi in Ghana, bush groundnut (hypogea spp) commonly known as ehuru in Nigeria, and wede in Ghana, Mbongo and Chobi (pimeuta diosca), Bush Onion, Bush Nutmeg and Bush Black pepper typically found in the rain forests in Cameroon. The “Bush” adjective simply describes the location where these spices grow – the rain forest, hence their exotic nature.